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Australia is no stranger to bushfires but the fires sweeping across New South Wales are the most devastating in years. Firefighters continue to battle the ‘megafire’, but so far homes have been destroyed, communities evacuated, schools closed and heavy warnings put in place. What does this mean for travellers in the area? ‘Blue Mountains’ by …

By admin   26 October 2013 1:55am Europe/London
Behind the scenes

Lonely Planet’s travel nightmares

Even the most careful travellers occasionally find themselves getting lost, failing hard at local etiquette, or otherwise blundering and puking around a new destination. And while we’re seasoned explorers, Lonely Planet’s writers and staff have …

By admin   24 October 2013 2:49am Europe/London

Will the US government shutdown affect your travel plans?

Unless you’re marooned on a blissfully wifi-free island, you won’t have failed to notice the headlines about the US government shutdown over the past few days. But what does it mean for travellers in the …

By admin   3 October 2013 3:17am Europe/London