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The USA is one of a handful of nations that sets aside a day, official or otherwise, as a national flag day. June 14 (quietly) marks the date in 1777 when the US flag was adopted and has been celebrated, to a degree, since 1861. But let’s be honest, the US flag means a lot …

By admin   12 June 2012 7:10am Europe/London

Travels with my son: entrusting your life to your child

Overlooking Cradle Mountain. Photograph by Ed Atkin (used with permission) Last year, we published Jane Atkin’s blog post about a trip with her mum – and the unexpected benefits of travelling with a parent. Her dad …

By George Atkin   11 June 2012 7:53pm Europe/London
Quizzes & competitions

Sunrise, sunset: city photos at the golden hour

In travel photography, light can either be your best friend or a horribly mismatched travel companion. The way the light enters and consumes the scene can either enhance or diminish the destination’s beauty. The best …

By admin   9 June 2012 8:51am Europe/London

Bangkok: still the world’s greatest backpacker hub?

This is a guest post from Colm Hanratty, Editor at Hostelworld.com. Backpackers on the Khao San Road, Bangkok. Photo by Carol Wiley Bangkok is unique for many reasons. On every second street corner you can …

By admin   8 June 2012 10:05pm Europe/London
Open Seating

Creative new ways to board an airplane

Airlines never stand still. Following recent months when airlines introduced fees for printing boarding passes and higher prices for sitting in window or aisle seats, airlines are getting creative with the way they board passengers. …

By admin   6 June 2012 9:12am Europe/London