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World Food photos: our top 20 picks

By admin   5 April 2012 3:50am Europe/London

To coincide with the launch of our new Street Food book, we asked you to send the most mouth-watering pictures of food you had encountered in your travels to our Facebook Travel Adventures Competition. The result was overwhelming, with nearly 900 submissions that made our stomach grumble hard with envy.

We have now gone through all of them and have whittled them down to the last 20. From this selection, an independent judge will pick 1 winner and 5 runner-ups. The lucky winner will be taking home a Nokia Lumia 800 smartphone, while the runner-ups will be awarded a Lonely Planet guide of their choice. Watch this space as we will be announcing them very soon!

Grilling_food1. Hibachi – Flying food and fire – Rhada P.

Smoked meat2. Smoked meat at “Schwartz” in Montreal. DELICIOUS! – Francisco H.

Mountain of moroccan sweets3. Let dreams come true! A gigantic mountain of Moroccan sweets! Believe me. No one can resist this! – Thomas W.

Man eating pork knee4. Huge traditional Pork Knee in Prague. And yeah, I ate it all without being sick afterwards (but I have to honestly admit, it was the only thing I ate that night) – Wouter v.

Man grilling fish in a boat5. Smoking fish on the beach in Fuengirola, Spain – Mick K.

Cream cakes6. Pastel de Nata (custard tarts) in Lisbon – these are easily worked off once eaten with all the walking you’ll do in Lisbon! – Suzanne R.

Man eating pulled pork7. Pulled Pork Poutine, Quebec, Canada – Jessica W.

Man eating balut8. A German tourist in the Philippines regrets accepting the challenge to eat balut: a fertilized duck egg – Alman Q.

Man cooking jalebis9. An Indian master chef making jalebis..they are orange colored fried flour crisps dipped in sugar syrup…the early bird catches the hottest/yummiest jalebis – Archana S.

Man selling Korean waffles10. A Korean Won well-spent: waffles and walnut cakes served piping hot in Busan – April d.

Boys eating huge pizza11. Pizz-A-mazing! – Carmela M.

Plate of Ethiopian vegan stew12. A fasting feast for Lent, consisting of homecooked vegan stews (wots) of lentils, potatoes, and greens on top of injera. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – Jakhan N.

Man cooking Thai dry noodles on a boat13.  Nothing says Thailand more than having your meal prepared fresh on a boat. Here a bowl of Thai dry noodles is being skilfully made – so scrumptious you might even consider having seconds! – Christopher R.

Man preparing pork for spitroast14. Havana, Cuba. A local man prepares a New Year’s Day feast. Hours later, the pig was still cooking, and residents of the street were having an unofficial block party! – Jana I.

Man cooking fish and prawn curry15. My Perfect Meal…! (A perfect meal consisting of Fish Curry, Prawn Curry, Vegetable Fry, Rice & Lentils from the eastern state of Odisha, India) – Madhay P.

Punjabi lunch16. Authentic Punjabi Lunch…Photo taken at Brothers Dhaba Amritsar Punjab IN – Ronnie K.

Man selling pineapples17. The most charming fresh produce seller in Pinar Del Rio, Cuba! That pineapple was incredibly sweet and juicy. And the pina coladas are amazing because they also add nutmeg in that region – Ayesha M.

Woman eating Guinea pig18. Getting ready to dig into guinea pig, near Cusco, Peru – Anya B.

Grilled salted fish19. Grilled salted fish in Damnoen Saduak floating market, Thailand – Rene B.

Woman selling fish and chicken lollipops20. To anyone who has experienced the madness that is the local Laos bus service, they will recognise these wonderful fish and chicken “lollipops” that the local ladies bring aboard along your journey… – Angela P.