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Every week or so I get asked, ‘Is it safe to go to Mexico?’ I had always said, if you’re thoughtful about where you go, yes. But after my most recent trip there, I’m changing my answer… to a question: Do you think it’s safe to go to Texas? To be clear, violence in Mexico …

By admin   30 April 2012 2:16am Europe/London

Better ways to have fun in Cartagena

Cartagena, Colombia has been in the news for all the wrong reasons over the past weeks, in the wake of a scandal implicating a group of US Secret Service agents alleged to have hired prostitutes …

By admin   28 April 2012 3:05am Europe/London

When should you use a travel agent?

That tiresome argument between what makes a ‘traveler’ different from a ‘tourist’ is sometimes split along the lines that the latter used a travel agent. A tourist goes where he or she’s led by an …

By admin   27 April 2012 5:41am Europe/London

Does sharing make travel better? A guest post from Airbnb

Do the joys of sharing enhance your travels? Photo by Judy Bellah This is a guest post from Vivek Wagle at social accommodation service Airbnb. The idea of sharing space is nothing new. From way …

By admin   25 April 2012 8:39pm Europe/London

US National Park Week 2012: where to go when the parks are free

It’s April, so it’s time once again for one of the most tempting deals in American travel: National Park Week. Each of the 397 parks in the National Park System is offering free admission to …

By admin   17 April 2012 11:09am Europe/London
Mountain of moroccan sweets
Quizzes & competitions

World Food: the winning picture

We have spent the holiday break reviewing all the submissions to our World Food Facebook picture competition and we are ready to announce the winner! We were very impressed with the array of foods and …

By admin   10 April 2012 11:14pm Europe/London

Google’s smart glasses: ‘Project Glass’ for travellers

For a few months the tech world has been buzzing about Google’s work on Terminator-style smart glasses. Today, Google released a video (see below) showing their vision of the potential of such a product, which …

By admin   5 April 2012 9:17am Europe/London
Quizzes & competitions

World Food photos: our top 20 picks

To coincide with the launch of our new Street Food book, we asked you to send the most mouth-watering pictures of food you had encountered in your travels to our Facebook Travel Adventures Competition. The …

By admin   5 April 2012 3:50am Europe/London

If Amsterdam’s hash bars closed, would you still go?

Think quick: Amsterdam! What’s the first thing you think? Don’t lie. It’s the hash bars. The Netherlands’ infamously lax policy regarding small amounts of cannabis is so legendary that the whole national economy would fall …

By admin   4 April 2012 9:15am Europe/London