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Working with bloggers

By admin   14 November 2008 12:39pm Europe/London


I am the Ecosystem Manager for Lonely Planet, based in Melbourne.    I’ll be posting here on a regular basis.  

This week I’ve been back in the UK visiting the World Travel Market in London, and today, the Swn Festival in my home town of Cardiff. I’ve been talking to everyone that will listen about how Lonely Planet is adopting an open technical infrastructure, and more importantly an open API that allows people to interact with our content in a fundamentally different way.

Lonely Planet has always been about sharing, sharing our content, and sharing the insights that people have on the road with the rest of our audience. We’ve always had a fantastic relationship with our readers, and readily accept all forms of feedback.. From emails to mailed-in guide books, we’ve always prided ourselves on incorporating all that feedback into the next edition of the book – and that’s something that’s informed the new website and importantly the new APIs and services.

Photo by Boliston of the Cardiff Atrium Building where the Swn Interactive Conference took place.

One of those services (currently code-named blogsherpa) is aimed at connecting the amazing content our authors produce with the stunning content that travel bloggers all over the world produce. The premise is simple. Allow Lonely Planet to publish your posts on lonelyplanet.com and we’ll use your Google Adsense ID on the adverts on that page – you’ll earn the cash – and we provide a better service for readers of the website.

PaidContent covered the announcement I made in Cardiff earlier today in quite a lot of depth, and is well worth a read. But essentially it all boils down to one thing. Providing travellers with the best range of content from across the web as we possibly can.

I’ll be writing a lot more about this new service over the coming months, but if you want to be involved or have any thoughts about the idea, then drop me a note directly.