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Trashi Yangtse/Bhutan

Introducing Trashi Yangtse

The orderly settlement of Trashi Yangtse rises just above the Chorten Kora, 3km from the old dzong. The new dzong and town occupies a large bowl in one of the furthest corners of the kingdom, 550km from Thimphu.

The road enters from the south passing the large Chorten Kora before it enters a subdued bazaar area with an elaborately decorated Bhutanese-style chorten. From here, one road leads straight to the headquarters and visitor centre of the Bomdeling Wildlife Sanctuary and another branches right to the new dzong and administrative offices, on a ridge 130m above the town. The dzong was inaugurated in 1997 and has little historical or architectural significance, though the archery ground below the dzong is worth a visit if a tournament is underway.

The town is known for the excellent wooden cups and bowls made here from avocado wood and maple wood using water-driven and treadle lathes. Trashi Yangtse is also a centre of daphne paper-making, using the tsasho technique with a bamboo frame to produce a distinctive pattern on the paper.