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Warwick Parish/Bermuda

Introducing Warwick Parish

Beautiful beaches and a central location are just part of Warwick's appeal. No place in all of Bermuda is more than an hour away from it and the bus service in the parish is among the most extensive and frequent in Bermuda. All of that also makes it an ideal place to call home and, not surprisingly, Warwick is the second most populated parish in Bermuda.

But it's not just locals who have taken a fancy to the parish. Movie stars, from silent-film actor Charlie Chaplin to thriller-movie star Michael Douglas, have landed in Warwick as well. Chaplin opted for the quiet windswept south shore, while Douglas lives in a 200-year-old mansion overlooking the north shore.

The north side of the parish enjoys fine water views of the islands in the sound, and it's sprinkled with fine period homes. But it's the south side that visitors flock to. It lays claim to those lovely pink-sand beaches on the cover of tourist brochures. Collectively they offer beachgoers a delightful range of options, from the quiet little coves at Astwood Park, Jobson Cove and Chaplin Bay to the long, splendid stretch of open shoreline at Warwick Long Bay.

Although you don't need to stay in Warwick Parish to use the beaches, all served by the South Rd bus route, Warwick has some choice accommodation options. Instead of major resorts there are inviting guesthouses and apartment-style places. This is an area best suited for visitors who want to prepare their own meals. Restaurant choices are limited, but most accommodations are equipped with kitchens.