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Smith's Parish/Bermuda

Introducing Smith's Parish

Smith's may be smallest of the nine parishes but it isn't without its superlatives. Smith's Parish manages to boast Bermuda's largest nature reserve, its safest year-round swimming and its highest point. High is a relative term, of course, so don't expect to see anything towering above the clouds. The Peak, as thehilltop is amusingly called, tops out at just 259ft. To spot the Peak, also known as Town Hill, just look inland toward the middle of the parish - enjoy the sight from a distance as it's on private property and not accessible to the public.

Fret not, the most scenic views in Smith's are not found inland, but from the shoreline: the parish is not only bordered on the north and south by open ocean but also on the northeast by tranquil Harrington Sound.

Although Smith's Parish is primarily residential, it does have some topnotch sightseeing spots. Don't miss Verdmont, the best-preserved historic house in Bermuda, and for birdwatchers or for anyone seeking a peaceful walk in the woods, Spittal Pond is as good as it gets - a haven for migratory shorebirds and waterfowl with a nature trail looping across the reserve.

There are also a couple of smaller green areas in Smith's. For the perfect picnic lunch venue, head to Watch Hill Park, which is spread across seven coastal acres near Albouy's Point, just east of Spittal Pond. The park takes its name from early colonial days when the British, fearful of a Spanish attack, maintained a round-the-clock watch on the cliff here. Winterhaven Nature Reserve, a long narrow strip at the east side of the parish that stretches between the south coast and Harrington Sound, offers a variety of water views. Penhurst Park, on the north shore, encompasses 14 grassy acres with a small dock and horse trails.

The parish has more than pretty seascapes and quiet walks - when you've finished communing with nature, reward yourself with a frosty pint of ale at North Rock Brewing Co, Bermuda's only microbrewery.