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Introducing Paget Parish

Paget has two distinct faces. The north side, across the harbor from the City of Hamilton, is quiet, scenic and lined with valuable homes. This is where the established families that run the city's most successful shops and law firms live. The south side, on the other hand, takes life a bit less seriously - it's where city folk flock for a day at the beach or a dinner out.

Most of the parish's action centers around the wonderful Elbow Beach, which is a spectacular spot and the first of a string of gorgeous pink-sand beaches that extend along Bermuda's southwest shore. Along the south shore you'll find a collection of the parish's fancy beach resorts, upscale inns and restaurants - some of which rank right up there among the island's finest. For all these reasons, this is the part of Paget Parish that draws in the lion's share of tourists.

However, if being close to the beach isn't a high priority for you, then there are also some delightful little places to stay along the north shore. The guesthouses and inns there are cozy spots that reflect their neighborhood charm, and considering what you get for your money, the prices are a bargain. And virtually every place on the north side is within walking distance of a ferry stop, so it's just a few minutes across the water to the City of Hamilton.

Nature lovers may be surprised to find that this central and bustling parish lays claim to a couple of Bermuda's top nature sites. Paget Marsh, in the center of the parish, is a rare haven for birds and native flora, and the Bermuda Botanical Gardens, on the east side of the parish, is amazingly extensive. While visiting the gardens be sure to stroll over to the Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art; with its evocative setting and growing collection, it's a terrific little art museum. There are a couple of historic buildings to visit as well, but if you really want to bask in history you can't do better than to join the dinner crowd at the centuries-old Fourways Inn.