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Getting there & away




The bus station(004, 238 142; vul Mitskevicha) is in the centre of town, next to the city's main market. There are about six marshrutky and buses a day to Hrodna (BR25, 000, four to six hours). There are also four buses daily to Warsaw (BR52, 000, five hours) and services several times a week to various cities in Germany.


Brest's impressive, classical train station(005, 273 277) is a busy place. There are at least three daily trains to Warsaw (BR70, 000, four to five hours). Seven daily trains head to Moscow (BR80, 000, 12 to 15 hours), and one a day to St Petersburg (BR90, 000, 19 hours). There are two daily trains to Berlin (BR197, 000, 12 hours) and one to Prague (BR240, 000, 16 hours).

Domestic trains include a daily train to Hrodna (BR19, 000, 8½ hours), two a day to Vitsebsk (BR27, 000, ten to 20 hours), and two a day to Homel (BR27, 000, 12 hours).

Moscow, St Petersburg, Sverdlovsk and Vitsebsk-bound trains also stop in Minsk, as well as four other daily trains (BR19, 000 to BR40, 000, four to 10 hours). The slowest train does the trip overnight, saving you a night in a hotel. Generally, the trains with final destinations other than Minsk are the most expensive.

For all trains leaving Brest for Europe, you have to go through customs at the station, so get there early. Tickets for trips outside Belarus are purchased from the mezhdunarodny kassi (international ticket windows) in the main hall of the ticketing building.

Tickets for domestic electric trains (to Minsk, Hrodna, Homel or Vitsebsk) are sold in the passazhirskiy pavilon (passenger train terminal) behind the train station, away from the city.

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