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Getting there & away




The main bus station is KDA bus terminal (also known as Sonadanga bus terminal), 2km northwest of the city centre. A rickshaw costs about Tk 10 from the city centre and Tk 20 from the Rupsa ghat. Inside KDA terminal, bus companies servicing common destinations are grouped in the same area. The station serves all points except Mongla and Bagerhat; for these two towns you have a choice of either catching a bus from the new bus station on the southern edge of town (near the new bridge) or taking a little ferry over the Rupsa river (Tk 2) and catching one from there.

Buses headed to Mongla (Tk 35, one hour) and Bagerhat (Tk 30, 45 minutes) depart throughout the day.

Country buses to Dhaka (Tk 280, 7½ hours) depart throughout the day. Greenline Buses, just along the road from Hotel Castle Salam, charges between Tk 525 and Tk 775 depending on the class.

Buses for Barisal (Tk 250) mostly leave in the early morning and early evening, while buses for Jessore (Tk 50 to Tk 60, one hour) leave frequently until the early evening.


You can rent a car and driver through Guide Tours (/fax 731 384; www.guidetours.com; KDA Bldg, KDA Ave) or Bengal Tours (724 355; 236 Khan Jahan Ali Rd) but at an average of Tk 4000 to Tk 4500 per day it isn’t cheap. On the plus side, the drivers are excellent.


The main train station (723 222) is near the city centre. There are four IC trains a day to Jessore (1st/sulob class Tk 85/30, 1½ hours) and three mail trains, which also take passengers but are slower. The 6.30am IC express continues on to Rajshahi (1st/sulob class Tk 255/125, 6½ hours), and the 7.50am express goes to Saidpur (1st/sulob class Tk 355/170, nine hours).

There’s a night train to Dhaka (1st/sulob class Tk 625/235, 11 hours, departs 10pm), though buses are preferable given the disruptive need to switch trains en route.

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The Bangladesh Inland Waterway Transport Corporation (BIWTC; 721 532) office looks like a small house. It’s just behind the train station and opens every day at around 9am.

Between Khulna and Dhaka there are six Rockets (1st/2nd/deck class Tk 1010/610/150) per week in each direction. They stop at Mongla (1st/2nd/deck class Tk 140/80/15), Barisal (1st/2nd/deck class Tk 530/310/70) and several smaller ports. Reserve several days in advance to ensure a 1st-class cabin.

Departures from Khulna are scheduled at 3am, though there can be delays.

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The nearest airport is at Jessore. GMG Airlines (732 273) provides a direct bus service (about one hour) between Jessore airport and their Khulna office.

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