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Getting there & away




The bus from Khulna (Tk 30, 45 minutes) takes you through some enchanting countryside. The bus passes Shait Gumbad (5km before town) on the left, where you can disembark and start sightseeing.

If you’re headed to Mongla, it may be faster to take a bus to the KhulnaMongla Rd intersection and hail another bus there. You may have to stand, but the 33km trip from the intersection takes less than an hour. Buses from Khulna headed east to Pirojpur and Barisal also pass through Bagerhat, but finding a seat might be difficult.


You can organise a hire car from Khulna to take you to and around Bagerhat. The bus ride is an easy one though, and it’s the sort of scenery in which you don’t mind being delayed.

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