Tomb of Khan Jahan Ali

Tomb of Khan Jahan Ali information

Bagerhat , Bangladesh
Mazhar Khan Jahan Ali
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Khan Jahan’s Tomb is the only monument in Bagerhat that retains its original cupolas (domed ceilings). The cenotaph at the entrance is covered with tiles of various colours and inscribed with Quranic verses, but it is usually covered with a red cloth embroidered with gold threads. The single-domed Dargah Mosque is enclosed within the same complex by a massive wall with short towers at each corner and archways on the front and back. This is a popular pilgrimage site and therefore has a little more colour and flair than some of the other monuments around here. The pond, known as Thakur Dighi, which the complex overlooks, contains a large crocodile said to be over 100 years old, which has become a bit of a tourist attraction. There used to be two, but one died in 2011.