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Getting there & away




The main bus terminal is Mahstandar bus station, 3km from the Station Rd Circle. Between 6am and 6pm you can get a bus to a zillion places including Tangail (Tk 80, 2½ hours), Madhupur (Tk 40, 45 minutes), Dhaka (Tk 80, 4½ hours) and Bogra (Tk 140, 4½ hours).

The bus stand for Haluaghat and other destinations on the other side of the Brahmaputra River is, logically, at the bridge. Buses to Haluaghat (Tk 45, 1½ hours) leave regularly between 8am and 7pm.


Mymensingh is no longer really on the way to anywhere since the new railway line over the Bangabandhu Bridge started providing a much faster DhakaRajshahi link. Despite this, travelling by train to Dhaka is certainly a much more relaxing way to go than by the often scary buses. There is one train a day to Dhaka (1st/2nd class Tk 110/80, five hours, departs 4pm).

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