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Dhaka Division/Bangladesh

Introducing Dhaka Division

Rub your eyes and blink. You are finally free of the last of the crazy Dhaka traffic jams and in front of you stretches a rural wonderland. This large district, comprising of some 25, 000 villages and hardly any towns, is the most densely populated area of Bangladesh and epitomises the diversity of this surprising country.

While there are dappled forests, great rivers and hilly panoramas, much of the region is given over to radiant rice paddies, filling your vision with more hues of green than you ever knew existed. It’s this farming soul, where life revolves around the gentle clip-clop of an ox and cart and the slow rotation of the seasons, that is, for the adventurous tourist, the appeal of this little visited region. It’s the sort of place where brief encounters turn into solid friendships and a person can fall in love with a much maligned nation. This is the reason you came to Bangladesh, so dive right in.