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Getting there & away




The bus station is at the southern end of the Hauptbahnhof; its ticket office is located within the station.

Car & motorcycle

The A12 and the parallel Hwy 171 are the main roads heading west and east. Highway 177, to the west of Innsbruck, continues north to Germany and Munich. The A13 is a toll road (€8) running south through the Brenner Pass to Italy. En route you’ll cross the 192m Europabrücke (Europe Bridge), spanning the Sill River. Toll-free Hwy 182 follows the same route, passing under the bridge.


The Hauptbahnhof is Innsbruck’s most convenient station, though some local trains also pull up at the Westbahnhof (actually to the south) and at Hötting (to the west).

Fast trains daily depart every two hours for Bregenz (€28, 2¾ hours) and Salzburg (€33.80, two hours). From Innsbruck to the Arlberg, the best views are on the right-hand side of the train. Two-hourly express trains serve Munich (€33.80, two hours) and Verona (€40, 3½ hours). Direct services to Kitzbühel also run every two hours (€13.20, one hour) while six daily trains head for Lienz (€20, three to five hours); some pass through Italy while others take the long way round via Salzburgerland.

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Innsbruck’s airport (225 25-0; www.innsbruck-airport.com; Fürstenweg 180), 4km to the west of the city centre, caters to a handful of national (Vienna and Graz) and international flights (London, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Bern, Frankfurt and Hannover), handled mostly by Austrian Airlines, BA, Lufthansa and Welcome Air.

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