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Naracoorte Caves National Park

Introducing Naracoorte Caves National Park

About 10km southeast of Naracoorte township, off the Penola road, is the only World Heritage–listed site in SA. The discovery of an ancient fossilised marsupial in these limestone caves raised palaeontologic eyebrows around the world, and featured in the BBC's David Attenborough series Life on Earth.

The park visitor centre doubles as the impressive Wonambi Fossil Centre − a re-creation of the rainforest that covered this area 200,000 years ago. Follow a ramp down past grunting, life-sized reconstructions of extinct animals, including a marsupial lion, a giant echidna, Diprotodon australis (koala meets grizzly bear), and Megalania prisca − 500kg of bad-ass goanna.

The 26 limestone caves here, including Alexandra Cave, Cathedral Cave and Victoria Fossil Cave, have bizarre formations of stalactites and stalagmites. Prospective Bruce Waynes should check out the Bat Cave, from which thousands of endangered southern bentwing bats exit en masse at dusk during summer. You can see the Wet Cave by self-guided tour (adult/child/family $9/5.50/25), but the others require ranger-guided tours. Single-cave tours start at adult/child/family $20/12/55. There's also budget accommodation here at Wirreanda Bunkhouse, which is often full of school kids but can be booked by travellers.

For more local info and tips on places to stay, contact Naracoorte Visitor Information Centre in Naracoorte.