No Limit Adventures tours?

Anyone had experience with No Limit Adventure tours?


6 weeks in one city in winter

We're heading to Australia for 3 months next austral winter (May - August) with our kids ages 5 and 8. We'll spend about 6 weeks traveling and being tourists (we're thinking Queensland and the Northern Territory for rainforest, beaches, reef and Kakadu National Park, my husband's favorite place in Australia), and another 6 or so weeks living in one place. We'd like to be in a small to medium sized city that has good access to nearby nature. My husband will be working part-time in the city, but…


12 hour layover in Sydney - what to do?!

We are heading to New Zealand for 2 weeks, and we have a full day layover in Sydney. I've NEVER been to Aus, and would love to capitalize on this opportunity!

What are the must see/must do's in a short amount of time? Any suggestions welcome! :)


I'm travelling to Australia for three weeks and would like an Australian sim card to use.


I'm coming down to Australia from the UK for three weeks and visiting some of the major cities, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane etc. I need an Australian sim card to use while im there, mainly for work as I have clients i want to be able to phone and e-mail whilst I am traveling.

I'll also would like it for Google Maps, Skype etc whilst I'm out and about because I don't have Free Wifi at the hotels i am staying at and some of them are a rip off.

Is there anywhere I can buy a Australian sim…


I'm backpacking Australia for 1 year in August, Any advice would be appreciated!

I plan to travel the east coast starting from Sydney to Cairns. I've got my first week sorted, I'm going with UltimateOz and then I'm hoping to come across a few people with the same interest to travel the east coast. Where are the coolest and got to see places a long the way? What is the easiest way to travel? What size of backpack will I need to keep me going for a week at a time? I know I'm not asking any specific questions & I'm new to this, i just want some advice! If anyone is…


I am backpacking around Australia for a year in August, Need advice!

I was wanting to know what brand of backpack to take and what litre? I plan to travel until my money runs out. Apparently I have got enough to last 6-8 months.. I'll just find a job to see the year out once i've ran out of money. I just need some advice, I'm going by myself. Any replies will be much appreciated. Cheers, Matt.

P.s. Where are the best places to go? :)


South West WA Road Trip Itinerary (Advice Request)

Hello All,

This is a follow up from a previous post. I have created an itinerary based on further research and help from the forum. Below you will find my 10 night itinerary for my and my partner's South West WA road-trip. We can use some advice with scheduling as we're inexperienced with this area and the places of interest; we're not really sure how long we need for each place and even if the order makes sense. As our time is limited, we have no qualms focusing on the highlights. Happy to…


Australian visas

Hi Guys,
So me and my boyfriend have been looking into the idea of getting a years working visa for Australia, but I had no idea how many different subclasses you could get!
I was just wondering whether anyone could help as to what subclass is the most common for what we what or what subclass is the right one! As we need to have an idea of costs!
Me and my boyfriend are both 20 years of age, he is a builder, I am a beautician. We are hoping to have a year in Australia to work and travel, but…


brisbane thanks to you guys

Hi guys,
first of all thanks once again for all the tips we have received in this forum. all these tips have mad our trip to Brisbane unforgettable!

here is our report, we hope it can help any of you who decide to visit this place:


Banking in australia

Hello lonely planet

this is my first time on the forum and first post, me and my girlfriend will be going to australia in september, we just want to know which bank is best for travellers on WHV and if ATM's (cash machines) charge for withdrawl if your with a different bank to what the ATM is, also if anyone can shed some light on whats the most popular bank across the east of australia and which banks would give us the best option to withdraw without been charged etc ...

any information is…