Mount Sorrow

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Cape Tribulation , Australia
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The Mount Sorrow ridge trail provides opportunities for fit and experienced bushwalkers to take in spectacular views from an elevation of 680m. The trail starts in a lowland rainforest valley, full of trees with large buttress roots and a canopy woven with large woody vines. As the ridge ascends, feather-leafed palms become more common.

On the ridge, the vegetation is dominated by acacias (wattles). The wind-sheared forest canopy becomes lower and more open towards the mountain summit. From the lookout, you can watch spangled drongos and small flocks of topknot pigeons in the air, while a variety of butterflies drift around on the wind. On a clear day, the beautiful Daintree coastline can be seen stretching southwards to Snapper Island and beyond...nothing sorrowful about that!