Proserpine River wetlands

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A leisurely cruise through saltwater croc country mightn't be everyone's idea of relaxing holiday entertainment, but the Proserpine River wetlands are a unique and often breath-taking ecosystem.

While the Whitsunday islands and coast deservedly claim most people's attention, the littoral wetlands formed by the estuaries of the Proserpine River are also well worth a look. They are home to the feared saltwater crocodile, a living relic from the time of the dinosaurs that inhabits waterways across Southeast Asia and Australia's tropical north. Yes, 'salties' (which can grow beyond five metres and weigh over 750kg) can be extremely dangerous creatures, but companies such as Proserpine River Eco Tours allow you to approach them in safety. Their certified eco-friendly tours, which pass through wetlands, melaleuca forests and marine mangroves, also offer the chance to sight many native bird and mammal species.