Working in Aus

Hi everyone,

I'm starting my trip in March 2015, New Zealand for 2 weeks, Fiji for 2 weeks and then over to Melbourne where I have a years working visa, before going i'm trying to research as much as possible about jobs etc out there but just wanted some advice on how hard it actually is to get a job in Australia? Is there a possibility I could be looking for work for a while? Whats the best way to go about finding a job?

Thanks for your help :)


6 Weeks in Australia (end of June to mid-August 2015)

Hey everyone. I'm going through a bit of a mid-life crisis. I won't go into all the details, but I'm looking to get away for a while. I'm a 28 year old female from the US, and I'm thinking of spending approx 6 weeks abroad and thought Australia would be neat as I wouldn't have to learn a new language for the short amount of time. I'm looking to do this in the summer (or winter season there), approx end of June/beginning of July to mid-August, and would like to be more in the northern part of…


visa is taking too long

so i applied for australian tourist visa on 5th of december .. is been 15 days and i havent heard anything from the embassy .. all my documents were good and i also had an invitation letter from my cousin who is a citizen of australia .. will i be getting one or not ? anyone had any issue/experience like this ?


Cairns thanks to you

Hi guys... at last we have just published our reportage on our humble website. we wanted to thank you all for the precious tips and advices we have received and thanks to that we have lived one of the most unforgettable experience ever.

Thanks LP


Uluru to Darwin - are we doing this right?

Going to NT in March next year, and we have 12 nights from flying into Ayers Rock to flying out of Darwin. Thinking of doing a driving trip along the following lines:
Uluru - 2 nights
Alice Springs - 2 nights
Tennant Creek - 1 night
Katherine - 2 nights
Kakadu NP - 3 nights
Darwin - 2 nights

One thing we're not sure about is whether it might be better to fly from Alice to Darwin and then backtrack by car to Katherine and Kakadu. The Alice to Katherine leg seems like an awfully long drive. On…


Adelaide - Alice Springs by Train

I have a love of train journeys (yes, a bit weird, I know!!) and am considering taking the train from Adelaide to Alice Springs when I visit Australia next year, stopping there to go out to see Uluru etc. I would then fly from Alice Springs to Darwin before continuing my journey.

I was wondering if anyone on this forum has taken the train from Adelaide to Alice Springs and what your thoughts were of the journey? Was the trip worth the money it cost in terms of experience, scenery (I am…


Melbourne and Sydney 10 days . What all to do ?


We are a two people traveling from Singapore and i would like to know what all is best to see in melb and sydney for 10 days and how can I pace my trip. Our return flights are to melbourne from singapore.



Sleeping in a tent in Oz

I'm going to Oz in 3 days! I'm taking my tent and sleeping bag. I'm trying to keep costs down by pitching my tent everywhere I go. In Central America, many hostels allowed people to do it in the yard for a low cost of using the facilities. Neither of my guidebooks are really saying anything to that. Is this a common thing? Do I just ask when I get there? HELP!!!


Tasmania 5 days / 6 nights - what would you do?

We have 4 full days in Tasmania, not including travel days, flying into/out of Hobart, in March. What would be the best way to spend our time? We'll hire a car for the duration of our time there, presuming that's the best way to get about. From the geography I presume it's best not to stay in one place for the whole trip, but I'm unsure if we should split it between Hobart / Launceston, or a different place each night, or something else?

We like sightseeing (museums / national parks /…


2 free days, should I stay in Brisbane?

Everyone says not to visit Brisbane, but my award ticket for a trip goes into that airport and I have 2.5 days until my hotel reservation in Sydney (with plenty of time in Sydney).

Should I stay in Brisbane, go somewhere nearby, or fly somewhere? I have pretty normal tourist interests, including cities, country, nature, etc.

The days I have free are Christmas day and the day after if that changes things.