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Dorrigo National Park/Australia

Introducing Dorrigo National Park

Layered over sharp peaks and plunging valleys, this is the most accessible of Australia’s World Heritage rainforests. The 11,902- hectare park is home to a huge diversity of vegetation owing to its rich soil and subtropical conditions. All those trees mean there’s plenty of places for birds to perch and at last count there were over 120 species present.

The Waterfall Way climbs the hills between Bellingen and Dorrigo and lives up to its name by passing several plunging streams at the roadside. Near the top, 2km south of Dorrigo, the Rainforest Centre, at the park entrance, has information about the park’s many walks and nature displays. The highlight is the short Skywalk walkway that arches over the rainforest and provides vistas to the valleys below. You can see right down to the ocean on a fine day. The Wonga Walk is a three-hour, 6km-return walk on a sealed track through the heart of the rainforest. It’s well worth making the drive down to the Never Never rest area in the middle of the national park, from where you can walk to waterfalls or begin longer walks.