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Cooks' Cottage was shipped from Yorkshire in 253 packing cases and reconstructed in 1934 (the cottage actually belonged to the navigator's parents). Nearby is writer Ola Cohn's equally kooky carved Fairies' Tree . Efforts to preserve the 300-year-old stump, embellished in 1932 with fairies, pixies, kangaroos, emus and possums, include dissuading true believers from leaving notes to the fairies in the tree's hollows. Between Cooks' Cottage and the Fairies' Tree is the Fitzroy Gardens' Scarred Tree (now a stump), which, generations ago, was stripped of a piece of its bark to make a canoe by Aboriginal people. In the centre of the gardens is a 'model' Tudor village . This well-meaning and rather unusual gift was a way of saying thanks for sending food to Britain during WWII.