Making the most of your stopover


What do you do with those precious few hours when you're en route? Seems a shame to waste them kicking around an airport buying overpriced sandwiches... What about a quick-hit 24 hours in a town? What shouldn't you miss?

Well, we're glad you asked. We've pulled together the finest expert recommendations from the forum so you can squeeze every last drop out of your journey.

24 hours in Budapest – making the most of corporate down-time

24 hours in Singapore - where to stay and what to do

24 hours in Helsinki - with a baby!

12 hours in Hong Kong – do you need a visa to get out the airport?

11 hours in Chicago – where to go and where to stash your bags

9 hours in Tokyo – the ol' Narita Airport dilemma

Wondering about what to do in other destinations? Search the forum's destination-specific branches or pose your own question.