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Getting there & away

By car Yerevan is only 30 to 40 minutes away by freeway. Transport (AMD600, 40 minutes, every hour 9am to 5pm) to Yerevan leaves from the corner of Nairyan Poghots and Sayat-Nova Poghots in the centre of Sevan town.

There’s a marshrutka to Vanadzor from the corner of Nairyan and Shinararneri Poghots at 10am (AMD1000) that can drop you in Dilijan. This corner is also a taxi stand. A taxi to Yerevan (67km) costs about AMD7000, to Dilijan AMD3500, to Tsaghkadzor AMD2000, and to Sevanavank with 30 minutes’ waiting time about AMD2000. A taxi to one of the hotels around the peninsula costs AMD1000. A four- or five-hour tour of Sevanavank, Hayravank and the khatchkars of Noratus should cost around AMD7000.

In summer a train runs from Yerevan to Sevan (AMD200, four hours, 8am), though it’s so slow that it could only be considered for the experience.