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Getting there & around

Buses and marshrutkas, including those to Yerevan (AMD1200, two hours, every 20 minutes 7am to 7pm), leave from the avtokayan on Tigranyan Poghots. Transport to Vanadzor (AMD800, one hour) leaves almost hourly between 9am and 4.30pm. Marshrutkas travel daily to Tbilisi (AMD5000, 3½ hours, 10.30am).

Vanadzor is on the train line between Yerevan and Tbilisi; there is a train every day in one direction (even days to Tbilisi and odd days back to Yerevan). A seat to Tbilisi is AMD2770 and a cabin berth costs AMD4000; to Yerevan it’s AMD480. Train travel is two to three times slower than road travel; it takes 3½ hours to reach Yerevan and between 10 and 12 hours to reach Tbilisi. Call the station (2 10 02) to confirm schedules.

There are lots of taxis in Gyumri and cheap marshrutkas all over town. A taxi ride from the avtokayan to Garegin Nzhdeh Poghots should cost around AMD500; an urban marshrutka costs AMD100.

Shirak Airport, which is 5km southeast of town, is served by Siberian Airlines (Moscow, Novosibirsk), Ural Airlines (Ekaterinburg), Aeroflot-Don (Sochi, Rostov) and Armavia (Moscow). There are plenty of ticket agencies in town. Flights to Moscow cost around $125 to $140, including the AMD10, 000 departure tax, about $25 cheaper on average than from Yerevan. A taxi to the airport is around AMD1500.