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El Calafate , Argentina
Libertador 935
El Calafate
+54 2902 492094
Telephone 2
+54 2902 492205
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Conventional cruise Safari Nautico (AR$120, one hour) tours Brazo Rico, Lago Argentino and the south side of Canal de los Témpanos. Catamarans crammed with up to 130 passengers leave hourly between 10:30am and 4:30pm from Puerto Bajo de las Sombras. If it’s busy, buy tickets in advance for afternoon departures.

To hike on the glacier, try minitrekking (AR$1200, under two hours on ice), or the longer and more demanding Big Ice (AR$2200, four hours on ice). Both involve a quick boat ride from Puerto Bajo de las Sombras, a walk through lenga forests, a chat on glaciology and then an ice walk using crampons. Children under eight are not allowed; reserve ahead and bring your own food. Don’t forget rain gear: it’s often snowing around the glacier and you might get wet and cold quickly on the boat deck. Transfers cost extra (AR$300).