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Paso de los Libres

Getting there & away

The bus terminal (425600) is at the corner of Av San Martín and Santiago del Estero. Several buses daily head to Buenos Aires (AR$86, 9½ hours) and Posadas (AR$45, six hours). Some go via Concordia, Colón, Concepción and Gualeguaychú. More buses bypass the town, but can drop you off at the Esso station on RN 14, where you can get a taxi to take you the last 16km to downtown.

Tata/El Rápido serves Corrientes (AR$41, six hours) via Mercedes (AR$16, three hours), from where you can visit the Esteros del Iberá.

Buses to Uruguaiana, Brazil (AR$1), leave frequently from 7am onwards, stopping on Av San Martín at Av Colón and across from the bus terminal (by the castlelike building).