El Zanjón de Granados

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Buenos Aires , Argentina
Defensa 755
+54 4361 3002
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1hr tour Mon-Fri AR$90, 30min tour Sun AR$60
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tours 11am, noon, 2pm & 3pm Mon-Fri, every 30min 1-6pm Sun
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One of the more unique places in BA is this amazing urban architectural site. A series of old tunnels, sewers and cisterns (built from 1730 onwards) were constructed above a river tributary and provided the base for one of BA’s oldest settlements, which later became a family mansion and then tenement housing and some shops. It's best to reserve ahead for tours.

The Zanjón is the realized dream of Jorge Eckstein, who found these ruins in 1986 after purchasing land for a business project and then spent years renovating them into what you see today. It offers a fascinating glimpse into the city’s history; meticulously reconstructed brick by brick and very attractively lit, this site also contains several courtyards and even a watchtower. There are a few relics on display in the various halls and rooms, but the highlights are the spaces themselves.