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Money and costs

Daily Costs
Budget (up to)
  • Dorm bed: US$15
  • Double room in budget hotel: US$80
  • Choripan (sausage sandwich) from a roadside stall: US$5
  • Three-star hotel room: US$100–175
  • Average main dish: US$10–15
  • Museum admission: US$1–8
Top end (more than)
  • Five-star hotel room: US$200
  • Fine main dish: US$15–20
  • Taxi trip across town: US$10–15

Carrying cash and an ATM card is best; credit cards are also widely accepted.


Bartenders Usually not expected.

Delivery persons A small bill.

Hotel cleaning staff A few pesos per day (only at upscale hotels).

Hotel porters A small bill.

Restaurant servers 10%; 15% for fine restaurants with great service.

Spas 15%

Taxi drivers No tip unless they help with luggage; many people round up to nearest peso.

Tour guides 10% to 15%