Best in Travel 2012: Readers' Choice Awards!

In late October, Lonely Planet will be releasing its guide to the Best in Travel 2012, our must-see places for next year including the top 10 cities, countries and regions of 2012. How do our in-house experts work out which spots come out on top? It's a combination of topicality, excitement, value and...that special X-factor.

But enough about us, we'd love to hear from you. What do you think will be the travel destinations of 2012? Think of it this way - if you had the money and time to visit one city and one country in 2012, which places would you head for?

How it works: Fill out the quick survey below to tell us which city and country you think will be the place to be in '12. Argue the case as strongly as you can (we love a good destination face-off). Questions with red asterisks are required; only one entry per user, so no stuffing the ballot box for your favorite place.

On 17 October, we'll put the top 10 Best in Travel Readers' Choice cities and countries to a reader vote to decide on the rank for each destination. The top 10s will be determined on popularity and also the reasoning behind your picks.