Antarctic stag weekends: the future of travel?

In 2009, the travel world was rocked by swine flu and 'staycations', but what about 2010? In an extract from Lonely Planet Magazine’s January 2010 edition, Tim Moore takes a look at possible trends.

After an emergency UN resolution bans British stag parties from all member states, an unusually alert groom-to-be finds a loophole: as a disputed sovereign entity, British Antarctic Territory is exempt. 'The great thing about this place,' chatters a pioneering best man through his balaclava, 'is that we really do have nothing better to do than get tanked up and play burp karaoke.'

The first entrepreneurs soon arrive but struggle with the conditions: stags are airlifted to a Falklands hospital after being struck by frozen paintballs, and hypothermia soon puts paid to 'Captain Oates', a forfeit-based drinking game. A shortage of willing female workers foils plans to offer South Pole-dancing, and the alternative causes outrage at the RSPCA: 'We've had a lot of grief about our 'pick up a penguin' nights,' confirms one bar owner, 'but the lads here don't seem to mind once they've had a few.'