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Getting around

Car & motorcycle


Aided by Chinese and Portuguese investment, roads are slowly opening up in Angola, though you’ll still need a 4WD to get you to most places. Plenty of cars now make the journey up from Namibia, and roads are passable (if rough) between the cities of Lubango, Huambo, Benguela, Lobito, Luanda and Malange.

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Bus & tram


Public transportation is still in the embryonic stages outside of the cities, though compared to other African buses, the vehicles are relatively comfortable. See p832 for further information.

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A one-time pioneer of 20th-century rail transport, Angola’s war-damaged railways are currently getting a long-awaited Chinese makeover. Limited services are now available between Luanda and Dondo (twice weekly); Lobito and Cubal via Benguela (four daily); Lubango and Namibe (once weekly); and Huambo and Calenga (four daily).

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Air travel is relatively easy within Angola and flights can often be booked the same day. The national carrier is TAAG (222-35 25 86; 5th fl, Rua da Missão, 123, Luanda), but there are a number of equally good internal options, including SAL Airlines (222-35 08 69), Sonair (222-35 09 93), Air Gemini (222-35 12 49)and Diexim Expresso (222-44 29 10). Flights between Luanda and major cities run daily and interprovincial flights are also possible. Sample prices include: Luanda–Benguela US$110; Benguela–Lubango US$85; and Lubango–Huambo US$80.

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