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Health & safety

Dangers & annoyances

Although Luanda isn’t, on first impressions, as dangerous as many other African cities, it is important for visitors to keep their wits about them and abide by a few basic safety precautions. Being robbed is one of the biggest dangers you’ll encounter, although strolling around the central areas during the daytime is relatively low risk. Don’t walk anywhere at night. Don’t wear gold or silver jewellery (even imitation), or an eye-catching watch. Keep money in a hidden money belt, and don’t use a mobile phone on the street (phone robbery is one of Luanda’s most common crimes).

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While you're there

Medical services

There are many 24-hour farmacias (pharmacies) in the capital. Luanda’s best clinics:

Clinica da Mutamba (39 37 83, emergency 39 72 22; Rua Pedro Felix Machado, 10/12) A one-stop medical facility that includes a pharmacy.

Clinica Sagrada Esperanca (30 90 34; Av Murtala Mohamed, Ilha de Luanda; 24hr) Located near the end of the Ilha.

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