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Kabul , Afghanistan
Salang Wat
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8am-5pm Sat-Thu
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Holding over 15,000 documents, the National Archive is housed in a palace built at the end of the 19th century by Abdur Rahman Khan for his son. Important documents are on display (although some are copies, with the originals too valuable to show) including the treaty with the British Empire in 1919 that finally gave Afghanistan full independence. Accompanying this is a host of newspapers, period photos and old banknotes, although most labelling is in Dari. Older documents are present too, including a 14th-century letter written by Timur, and several Qurans dating from the Durrani period. Although scholars will get the most out of a visit, the archive is still worth visiting for the building, with it’s attractive painted ceiling and carved woodwork. It’s a slightly incongruous sight among the metal workshops that line this section of Salang Wat.