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Health & safety

Dangers & annoyances

Since Ismail Khan left Herat, security has decreased slightly. Political problems have occasionally spilled onto the streets, usually in the form of quick-to-fire demonstrations. As always, keep an ear very close to the ground. In 2006, violence also flared between Sunni and Shiite groups during Ashura.

Crime has reportedly become more of a problem in Herat, with an increase in street robberies. Several female international workers have reported severe harassment, bordering on violence, so particular care should be taken when walking in the city.

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While you're there


Ambulance (040 223413)

ANSO West (070 405 697/079 9322 192)

Fire Brigade (040 445721)

ISAF (079 9885 181)

Police (040 222200; Jad-e Ghomandani, opposite the Friday Mosque)

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Medical services

The area around the main hospital has plenty of pharmacies.

Herat Hospital (040 223412; Jad-e Walayat)

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