Follow Lonely Planet writers Christa Larwood and Oliver Smith as they embark on an epic trip from London to Sydney, in search of 40 original travel experiences along the way. They’ll recreate the spirit of the journey that led to the birth of Lonely Planet 40 years ago.

Meet The Travellers


Christa Larwood

Christa Larwood is a contributing editor for Lonely Planet Traveller magazine, and will be shooting videos over the course of the trip from London to Sydney. Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, she has spent much of the last decade exploring the world and experiencing the bliss and indignity of travel, from driving California’s spectacular Pacific Coast Highway and watching the sun rise over the Ifugao rice terraces in the Philippines to falling waist-deep into the floor of a Bhutanese farmhouse.


Oliver Smith

Oliver Smith works as a writer for Lonely Planet Traveller magazine in London, and will be writing blogs and articles. In his time with Lonely Planet, Oliver has been sneezed on by an African elephant, eaten puffin in Iceland and is on first name terms with tropical diseases from various continents. Despite being lucky enough to travel widely, Oliver hasn't lost his childhood knack of losing his passport. He was named the UK’s Travel Writer of the Year in 2012.


Matt Munro

Matt Munro is a photographer for Lonely Planet Traveller magazine. Matt is originally from Sydney, Australia, and his quest for the perfect shot has seen him visit an entrance to the underworld in the Italian Alps, fall asleep on top of a Mayan pyramid and become cleansed of evil spirits by a shaman in Peru.

In their epic 10,000-mile journey across Europe, Asia and Australia, they’ll share the guidance of a great network of locals, Lonely Planet travel experts and our communities. Follow them through Tweets, blogs, map updates, photos, videos and magazine features, as they set out to prove the world is more accessible to all with a passion for imaginative travel than ever before.

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